Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mike Taliaferro's view on 'spiritual pornography.'

My current subject matter is 'spiritual pornography' = SP on KipMcKean.blogspot.

Next article to follow: "SP4 - The Lion on the Web Never Sleeps". Here I'll expose Mike Taliaferro's take on 'spiritual pornography'.

Mike was formerly the ICOC Geographic Sector Leader (GSL) in Africa and Lead Evangelist of the Johannesburg International Churches of Christ, known today as the Johannesburg Church of Christ.

Notice the dropping of "International" due to the decentralization process that happened during the S.A.D interval covering the period of the Count-out Years from 2001 to 2003. Here, during the interval of the Count-out Years, Kip McKean took a 'S'abbatical in 2001. An 'A'nnouncement' followed in 2002 explaining the McKean's resignation. By 2003 the ICOC had 'D'ecentralized'.

This S.A.D. interval impact on ICOC American leadership working abroad was detrimental to the ICOC Missions outside the U.S.

Suddenly leadership abroad were forced to return to obscurity due to lack of congregational U.S. ICOC funds and support from local congregations.

Mike relocated with his family to San Antonio, Texas since the aftermath of the Kriete Letter in 2003. His family had lived in the city of Johannesburg since 1993.

The 'title' GSL had become irrelevant but not the ICOC role of 'Lead Evangelist.' Mike is currently the Lead Evangelist of the Mission Point Christian Church in San Antonio.

Mike shares other high profile responsibilities such as serving the ICOC Unity Proposal Group. He has authored several ICOC books, like The Lion Never Sleeps. It is told 250 000 books by Taliaferro have been sold! Mike serve as a video editor for ICOCHotNews along with his loyal friend, Justin Renton of the Johannesburg Church of Christ.

Mike was instrumental with the idea to return to former ICOC discipleship policies and shepherding techniques in 2005. If this is an indication by taking a step 'backward' to 'old school' ICOC policies then it merits to investigate Mike's philosophy about 'spiritual pornography.'

Be sure to watch this space for my next article concerning Mike's view on 'spiritual pornography.'

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