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New SP3 article on

Visit for my next article, entitled: SP3 – The Internet: A free marketplace of ideas.

”Should Internet pornography be made the scapegoat by leadership in order to interfere with the lives of people?

The Internet is loosing ground as the free marketplace of ideas.

The demise of cyber space is twofold...”

  • (Sarel de Wet, SP3 – The Internet: A free marketplace of ideas)

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    Who is your daddy?

    Stuart Mains shares his convictions as a Campus Minister handling “Kingdom Kids” issues coming to the fold.

    Here Mains challenged Anthony Galang’s son to think of his dad being a ‘grandfather’ while he will take over the role of ‘daddy’.

    Herewith the transcript that is done to the best of my abilities. Notice, Mains had issues with Anthony’s son. Look how he address those issues and see where the ICOC is heading with their shepherding methodologies.

    First the intro to the class.

    "Many of our future leaders were born within the church itself. This is an incredible blessing as an entire generation of students enters the campus ministry with a thorough understanding of our culture and history. Yet, this also poses some unique challenges along with the opportunities. This class will discuss such issues while advising campus leaders how to best care and train their “kingdom kid” students.'

    I had a talk with one of the freshmen. I don’t know if you guys know the Galang’s? Anthony Galang’s son – the guy from KNN… Nick Galang? … and his son is part of our ministry. And what he was doing was totally normal. I was fired up. He was calling his parents to get advice about what to do for Bible discussions and different things. And to be honest, Anthony has been doing this for a lot longer than I have. So I have no qualms with him getting this advise. But what I saying, bro we need to be connected. I want to be a part of this loop… and you get advice… you know we advise together with him. Let’s talk about this.

    But I did not handle it in the best way. So we go to Starbucks one d-time. And we were talking there. I go: “You know bro. I want to make something very-very clear.” I said: “You are here, you are at UCI now. Okay? When you leave your house, you got to think of your dad more as your ‘grandfather’ now. You know? You call him. You talk to him. He is a wise man and you get advise from him. But if Anthony would be your ‘grandfather’. Who would be your daddy?

    And he was like… ‘What?!’ “That’s right you heard me.” Totally straight face, I was dying inside there. I was like… I asked him. Nick who is your daddy? I stared at him! He goes. “Are you my daddy?” “That’s right, baby – I’m your daddy!”

    Afterwards, I had a part of me… “Okay, no, let me help you understand my thinking. Let’s talk about this. Let’s be on the same page.” But my heart… The thing I was trying to address is that we want them to understand – we want to help them to understand that they kinda got to break off! You know what I mean? They got to have their own convictions. We’ll get on to them to have their own convictions help them. Not have a rebellious attitude. Not have a mindset “Oh man this is so great! Get away from me. I am never going to call my parents again." But also not having an attitude. “My Campus Minister knows squad! And I got to talk to my parents about everything. Yea, I’ll let you in the loop. I guess." You know what I mean? "I’m doing my own thing. I’m pushing my own agenda." Which can be an issue when you have these Kingdom Kids come in who have been around for a while.

  • Stuart Mains, Class Recording of Class Session 2: How Do I Best Train and Care for "Kingdom Kids"?, 2010 ICMC North America, 31 July 2010

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    SP series...

    Check my thoughts about SP on kipmckean.blogspot and comment freely!

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    The “Precious Bird”: Campus Evangelism

    Some things of the past…

    Douglas Arthur’s 1990 segment from Shining Like Stars mentions campus ministry is the goose that laid the golden egg. For good reason because predominately ICOC leadership derive from evangelistic efforts made by students on campuses; with a few exceptions, the leaders in the fastest growing churches in the world were met and converted during their college years. And many of those not actually converted in college were converted or trained in the ministry by those who were.

    Campus evangelism is the lifeline for the ICC and ICOC* ministries. From this platform, unexpected students on campuses are on the receiving end of the ICC and ICOC’s most talented people who devote themselves exclusively to that work scouting for prospective disciples who might become future leaders of a movement that strives to grow continuously until Kingdom come! The inner mechanics of the ICC and ICOC will come to a complete halt if campus evangelism seizes.

    The London ministry made a determined comeback for revival of campus evangelism in the early 90s. Here, Douglas Arthur mentions the oversight of neglecting that “precious bird” by leadership’ who recognised this error in judgement.

    Such a project is supervise by the concept of a Campus Minister who answers to the Overseeing Evangelist of the congregation or body of elders where applicable.

    The golden goose is capable more than any other ministry in the ICC and ICOC to ensure lots of visitors, lots of studies and lots of new Christians throughout the year. To top it all, the ICC and ICOC ministries knows that students on campuses are at the height of their receptiveness.

    Something new…

    The resurgence in campus revival by the ICC and ICOC are a sign of their state of readiness since the disintegration of the campus ministry after McKean’s resignation and the aftermath of Kriete’s Letter. The precious bird have been dormant but not for too long.

    The planting of the International Christian Church (ICC) in South Africa is scheduled for 2011. The most obvious places for evangelism will be the colleges and campuses.

    A new scheme hatched at the ICOC’s Chicago International Campus Ministries Conference (ICMC), which was richly attended by over 2000 campus members during July 29 – August 1. Here, the South African ICOC churches put out a challenge for students to take a year off and work with their campus ministries as Campus interns. This programme starts July 1st 2011 till July 2012.

    Justin Renton appeals for university students or graduates who want to live on the radical edge to come to South Africa for a year and be part of a campus revival that is taking place at the churches in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.

    Campus interns should be Bible talk leaders with a minimum of two-year membership. They should acquire consent from a church leader and also motivate “Why I want to do the One Year challenge in South Africa”

    Some warnings about engaging the ICC and ICOC

    *The International Christian Churches (ICC) is a pro-McKean faction, and *the International Churches of Christ Co-operation Churches (ICOC) is an anti-McKean faction of the former International Churches of Christ (ICOC).

    If you want to find any facts about any of these groups – Google it!

    Never talk directly to them. First they would not know half the issues at hand – that is why most remain faithful until confronted with facts and biblical truth concerning their methodologies and doctrine. Secondly, they will listen to you but want to verify the issues with a ‘bible study’. Don’t get drawn in! Nor visit them.

    A ‘church invite’ is opening the front door to the ICC and ICOC. The ICC group starting in Johannesburg 2011 will be a very small group hiring a hall or apartment. While the ICOC have been in South Africa since 1986! Well established and sizable.

    A ‘bible discussion group’ is the back door entrance to the ICC and ICOC. Here, an interesting challenging discussion is designed to make you think and wonder about a topic, for example: “So many Christians, so few Churches”. Members always participates giving answers or asking questions. It’s a clever ploy, which often exposes the visitor for feeling puzzled and inadequate in the end. Members always at that moment after a discussion press for a ‘bible study’.

    A ‘bible study’ is not an actual study of the Bible as you might think! It’s indoctrination to their belief system that gradually and effectively ‘brain wash’ your mind to think the way they do. If successful, you will be baptized and become part of the group for life! No jokes.

    If you are a fervent supporter of infant baptism don’t engage them alone. The Churches of Christ doctrine of baptism regeneration (water baptism saves you) is powerful enough to discourage anyone who supports infant baptism. It happened to me! Lol

    Students not affiliated with these groups should not engage them discussing doctrinal matters unless having deep convictions of your own on the Biblical topics such as baptism, discipleship and church polity (governance). Never allow you to be invited to any of their activities, whether it is playing volleyball, Frisbee, touch rugby or going on walks, parties, movies or coffee breaks. Remember they cannot touch you unless you give your consent! The purpose of such activities is to get you to ‘visit church’ or ‘study the bible’ with them.

    Students not affiliated with these groups should rather engage them on familiar topics concerning their social standing on dating, marriage and membership requirements. These topics do not require any bible study but only a conversation. Do not consent to any form of ‘Bible study’ or ‘invite’.

    Did you know that their membership is for life? Anyone who wants to remain faithful to the group may never leave! People who leave the fellowship of the ICC and ICOC have always experience a painful exit.

    Did you know that members must only date members and never develop romantic feelings for non-members?

    Did you know that members must only marry members and never marry Christians in other denominations (non-members)?

    Did you know that any church that disallows their members to date or marry other Christians from other denominations believe they alone are Biblically saved and they alone are the true church on earth?

    Did you know that members have a clear understanding according to their doctrine who-is-saved-and-who-is-not? The reason they are interested in you is because you-are-lost!

    Did you know that members of the ICC and ICOC are actively seeking the lost – everyday, every hour, every opportunity? Reaching you is no co-incidence. You happen to cross their path!

    If you become a member…

    • You will never date outsiders but only the members of the ICC and ICOC – only members dating members.

    • You will never marry some one special outside the ICC and ICOC – only members marrying members.

    • Your religious outlook on life will be restricted. No one is saved but your church group. You alone are biblically saved, the only true church! This is exactly what all cults teach.

    Cult experts refers to these three vital points as "inner doctrine". A teaching that is hidden and only to be revealed later as more trust is gain between the parties.

    Don’t risk one-on-one conversations with ICC and ICOC members. Making friends with the ICC and ICOC will destroy your life. If you have any religious queries about the bible, your church, your world – Google it!

    Search topics about the ICC and ICOC: Kip McKean; ICOC.

    Finally, pay careful attention to leaders of the former ICOC who considers campus evangelism a "precious bird”.

    If in the past one ICOC student ministry caused much havoc on a campus – how much more will two rivals competeing with each other bring to the table with the same agenda: Let us not neglect the goose that laid the golden egg.

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    In the name of Kip McKean

    Check out In the name of Kip McKean on

    Thursday, August 05, 2010

    "Shenanigan-Attack” Let us not panic!

    Jen Chambers, owner of the new website Spiritual Pornography also known as '' felt cheated by the shenanigans of Kip McKean and his leaders in procuring the website. Here, Chambers respond well stating her reasons for these big changes by posting a four part series, titled, Shenanigans

    Chambers started the website since February 2005. Most of the content were base on ICOC facts and outside resources pertaining to the world of McKean.

    The former website Kip were an accurate reflection of the man in the mirror - Thomas Wayne 'Kip' McKean.

    According to Chambers, McKean's message had not changed throughout the years. This is evident visiting the 'new' Kip McKean website under McKean's control!

    Chambers voluntarily made the decision to transfer the domain to McKean, which was completed by June 30, 2010. This step was deemed necessary due to consistent pressure she received since August 2006 from the shenanigans of Kip McKean. In doing so, Chambers started a new website, Spiritual Pornography because this website will contain THE information that McKean and his churches have not wanted YOU the visitor to see.

    Without further a do, the reader is welcome to explore the facts presented by Jen Chambers. But please don't forget to bookmark a brand new website about Thomas Wayne.

    If you're not familiar with the name look it up at KipMcKean.blogspot - Get Your Real Answers Here.

    Saluting Jen Chambers’s spirit!

    Kip still God’s man

    The man in the mirror, Thomas Wayne McKean is best known as 'Kip' and he is never going to “make that change” …ever!

    Ron Harding has just completed and published on Kip an exhaustive biography of that man in the mirror he describes as a true man of God hailed as a hero and a modern-day prophet liken to King David. Harding concluded: My prayer is that this commentary will silence Satan’s lies about a true man of God, Kip McKean.

    Hardly Harding!

    Harding with his first hand knowledge about the palace revolution which resulted in the destruction of Kip’s global movement deal punches right and left in order to get to the truth.

    Not only is Henry Kriete the most obvious target sited as an extremely bitter evangelist in London but knives are out for Andy Fleming, Scott Green, Al Baird, Ferguson, Jacoby, Laing, Wyndham Shaw, Bruce Williams, Marty Fuqua, Peter Garcia, the Johnsons – the truth is that these people eventually have all force out the leader that even they for years had wholeheartedly agreed was “God’s man” – placed in authority by God to lead His movement and maintain unity.

    Their rebellion is compare to an “Absalomic spirit.”

    Now Harding is desperately attempting to prove them all wrong for returning to mainline theology by ignoring God’s “timing” for McKean to lead the ICOC. In time, God raised-up David to lead again – just as He has done with McKean! In the Bible, God always “raised-up” and “took out” His leader in “His” timing. God expected His people to trust Him and to wait on His timing instead of rebelling against Him and His leader.

    McKean’s biography inherently exposes the group to be cultic because their leader is it with a capital ‘L’ despite trying to dispel the wrongs done by others serving under McKean’s gutsy leadership.

    Needless to say, Harding’s biography on the McKeans touches on several aspects of the truth. Of first importance is the majority of the former ICOC leadership indeed embraces mainline theology.

    The mainline church of Christ is now unequivocally part of the Second Episode.

    In the past they have distance themselves from the former ICOC – accusing it a cult! For now, the International Christian Church (ICC) and the International Churches of Christ Co-operation Churches (ICOC) internal squabbles over Kip offer a slight distraction to the real issues at hand – the teachings of the Churches of Christ belief system.

    Here, on the Internet, the mainliners’ church doctrine and belief system received little attention comparatively to her former foe! Now that most of the churches of Episode One era supports the mainline theology it will be interesting to see how the mainliners will react to discipleship relationships as taught by Kip. Let us not forget those of the “Absalomic spirit” also embraces it since 2005.

    Eventually change will come for the mainline church of Christ when people everywhere will start to investigate its doctrine. All because of one man who’s followers thinks he is still God’s man.

    Now would that not be something!

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