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The James Lloyd Story: PART2a: An innate doctrinal difference cover-up on ICOC baptism practice flourishes

An introduction

Churches affiliated with the Portland “discipling” Movement led by World Missions Evangelist, Kip McKean and former International Churches of Christ (ICOC) congregations under the umbrella of the Unity Proposal Group still expect prospective members on either side to become a disciple first before receiving baptism.

This means the prerequisite for membership in either group in order to become “saved” is to become “a disciple first” with baptism to follow. The Boston Church of Christ, which under scribe to the Unity Proposal Group teaches this important step: And one must be committed to being a disciple prior to being baptized. However, Kip McKean’s fellowship accentuates the importance to become a sold-out baptized disciple.

Many ICOC’ers view their baptism policies as standard biblical doctrine as taught proper since the inception of the Boston movement days of 1979, but they are unaware of its deceptive origins and heresy.

The mere fact that the former ICOC were based on man-imposed doctrine cannot be stressed enough. Henry Kriete’s plea for reform within the ICOC has fallen on deaf ears: Movement wide, we have no choice but to admit and apologize, expose and expunge, denounce and dismantle.

In reality, the baptismal doctrinal outlook of the ICOC has not changed radically since the Kriete 2003 letter. Perhaps, the upheaval that occurred in the fellowship of the ICOC as events played out in the new millennium has blinded many church members from seeking truthful solutions concerning ICOC doctrine. Former members like myself were horrified to find ICOC members were totally apathetic in getting outside help for the ICOC dilemma. Even so, the 2004 Faithful Conversations with the Church of Christ have not promoted any workable solutions for the doctrinal heresies of the former ICOC. Amazingly, the former ICOC moved a little closer to the Church of Christ when one-on-one discipleship practices were temporarily abandoned in some congregations. The McKean’s were aghast.

However, in 2005 more and more neutral ICOC churches shifted towards discipleship relationships, which are now part and parcel of the standard practice of the United Co-operation Group. The reason is currently explained in the Boston Church of Christ Repentance and Discipleship study series: (

Repentance and discipleship are the same thing. Discipleship is being committed to following Jesus in all areas of your life, and fishing for men. And one must be committed to being a disciple prior to being baptized.
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