Saturday, December 11, 2010

Khanyi Magubane confirms it was the ICOC

So it is official.

The mysterious 'cult' in the article of City Press is the ICOC. Khanyi Magubane confirmed it.

Hi guys, Khanyi Magubane here, spot on. I didnt want to mention names because anyone who has been to icoc, knows the strategy and tactics well enough to recognise it a mile away... I'm surprised and glad that you picked up on it. I now present a Christian gospel music and discussion show, and I once invited ICOC to come onto the show to talk about, "is there only one true church", and of course, they declined the offer. We must continue to pray for those who are still in mental bongage of the brainwashing that we all received while we were being recruited, "studying the bible". I believe that God allowed me to go into the church and later out of it, so we could enlighten people about the truth from fiction - hence I read now there are all sorts and types of factions - those pro and against the McKean dynasty. All the best for the work you do Sarel.
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Can anyone up-date or take a closer look on the exodus happening in the Pretoria region of the Jo'burg church?

    11:32 pm  
    Blogger Sarel de Wet said...

    What is happening? Please email any information that can clarify this matter to icoccommentary - All correspondence will be kept private.

    9:48 am  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    they seem to be in a diffrent church but use the same name People are leaving citing different teachings from the bible and continued Kip Mckean type of is foreign you must follow church policy or you may not be a member any longer.They preach that if you are spiritualy mature than the leaders you must keep it to yourself and wait until the leadership has grasped it.the pulpit is abused to address concerned members

    10:20 pm  
    Blogger Sarel de Wet said...

    Is this Justin Renton's group or another break away group from the Jo'burg Church in the Pretoria region ? Type a short account and email us at icoccommentary. We are interested in this story, when did it happen, what was the reasons for the break up, who followed who, what are the name of the church groups, where do they meet, how many, what do they teach, etc.

    7:59 am  

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