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ICOC 'Repentance & Discipleship study' link

The idea you must first make the decision to be a disciple and then be baptized is considered as ‘saving faith’ by both the anti-and pro McKean factions. Any other standard is viewed with disdain. Even the mainline Church of Christ 5-steps plan of salvation (hear, believe, repent, confess, baptize) onto baptismal regeneration is flawed according to these factions.

At first in 2007 icoccommentary reported an alarming trend of anti-McKean church groups embracing Kip McKean’s baptism philosophy since 2005. The Boston Church of Christ study series were given as proof for these new developments, but the link becomes unavailable, until now.

The Boston Church of Christ Campus Ministry website has the article. Clicking on Repentance and Discipleship Study for a download.

Here the ‘big idea’ of McKean’s view on baptism still remains the prerequisite to become “a disciple first” with baptism to follow for membership in either group in order to become “saved”.
What’s the big idea? Repentance and discipleship are [sic] the same thing. Discipleship is being committed to following Jesus in all areas of your life, and fishing for men. And one must be committed to being a disciple prior to being baptized.
  • Boston Church of Christ Repentance and Discipleship Study

  • Many are unaware of the deceptive origins and heresy concerning the former ICOC baptism policy. At first Kip McKean preached sound mainline Church of Christ rhetoric – hear, believe, repent, confess and be baptised. Then McKean’s tune changed suddenly in 1987 including becoming a disciple first before baptism. It meant that prominent leaders who are prolific today were re-baptized. People like Al Baird, Roger Lamb, Gordon Ferguson to name a few. Here is a quick overview:
    “And let me just flat lay it out. If people have not had faith in Jesus Christ, if they have not been moved to the point of conviction to repent and to place Jesus Christ as the Lord of their life. If they are not willing to confess. And if they have not been immersed for the forgiveness of sins to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, my Bible teaches me they are outside of Jesus Christ.”
  • 1982 - Kip McKean: Boston World Mission Seminar; "Go Make Disciples":

  • “How do we answer the call? By having faith in Jesus Christ, by being cut to the heart about our sins, wanting to repent and then to be baptized to have our sins forgiven...You know, if you've not been baptized, if you've not repented, if you've not had faith, then you're not right with the Lord.”
  • 1984 - Kip McKean: Florida Evangelism Seminar; "Go Make Disciples"

  • “We had some one share the gospel with us--the good news. We were touched in our hearts so much so we wanted to repent of all our sin. We wanted to make him Lord. Then we were willing to confess Jesus before men and then we were baptized...We can never compromise the issue of salvation---what it takes to be saved. You have to have faith, repent, confess and be baptized. That's just how it is.”
  • 1985, January 20 - Kip McKean: Boston Speech; "Our Needs"

  • “Since the blood of Christ is contacted at baptism, then let us stand firm on teaching that to become a Christian, according to the Bible, one must have faith in Christ and respond by repentance and baptism for the remission of sin (Acts 2:38).”

  • 1985, June 16 - Kip McKean: Boston Bulletin

  • “For a long time in the church of Christ and those that were raised in it (I appreciate that background and heritage and you need to) have been taught, dare we
    say, the five point plan of salvation - hear, believe, repent, confess and be baptized. Though I believe in that because I believe in the word of God, I believe an essential element has not been emphasized in the area of repentance...We need to get it on straight, who is a candidate for baptism. It is the individual who is a disciple...There has become an innate doctrinal difference, but they (traditional church) don't recognize it because it looks like a methodology...After a period of weeks and months, maybe even years, in our fellowship they (new move-ins) get hammered around enough they eventually become disciples, but just for the first time have they become disciples.”
    “No one has been rebaptized around here. Not a single person has been rebaptized around here. I only believe in one baptism.”

  • 1987 - Kip McKean: Boston Women's Retreat; "Perfectly United"

  • “Jesus didn’t say, ‘go and baptize,’ he said, ‘go and make disciples and baptize them.”

  • 1992, August - Kip McKean: Boston Leadership Conference; “The Super Church”

  • “I think we’ve forgotten to preach the radical message of who is saved. When you preach who is really saved: that you gotta have faith, you gotta repent, you gotta become a true disciple of Jesus, and then you gotta be water immersed for the forgiveness of sins received through the Holy Spirit. That excludes all other denominations, and certainly the Buddhists, the Islamics, everybody else that’s out there.”

  • 1995, August - Kip McKean: Johannesburg Leadership Conference; “Preach the Word”


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